Simple Living Mindset

Less Busy-Ness, More Real Life: Disconnect From Your Phone

Can you imagine only 20 years ago, most of us didn't even have a mobile phone yet? Most of us now find it hard letting go of their phones for an hour now.

What Does Simple Living Really Mean?

Simple Living means so much - and it means different things to different ...
9 Misconceptions About Living Off-Grid

9 Misconceptions About Living Off-Grid

Forget everything you thought you knew about off-grid living… Unless ...

How Conscious Grocery Shopping Makes Me A Happier Customer

There's a choice here: do you want to buy cheap stuff or your favourite ...

There’s Nothing More Complicated Than A Simple Life

The person who decided to call this lifestyle "simple life" definitely didn't try to LIVE it.

The Road Not Taken – On the Decision to Move Off the Grid

Making a choice that's going to change the course of your life - you'll never know if it was the right one, and what could have happened with the road not taken.

7 Steps to Move Off-grid

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