Tour Of Our Off-Grid House – Mas Del Encanto

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What does off-grid living actually look like? Living away from big city life is definitely a huge difference to living a peaceful, rural alternative lifestyle in the country.

Come on a little video tour with me around our farm at Mas del Encanto in Spain for a glimpse of what living off-grid and moving towards self-sustainability is like.

During our tour, we’ll:

  • Check out our chickens, who give us fresh eggs every single day (and occasional meat when we’ve got extra cockerels).
  • Show off the brand new raised veggie patch – my fourth attempt at a veggie garden that doesn’t get too much sun and doesn’t flood away when the big autumn rains come.
  • Give you a glimpse of the solar panels – if you want to know ALL about our solar system, take a look over here
  • Share the beautiful view from our house, which is a world away from our previous life in Amsterdam.

Also, check out our other articles to read more about how we moved here, the funny and weird obstacles we faced along the way, and what we had to do in order to make it a success.

Have a read of how we managed to relocate off the grid without being taken advantage of for some important things to watch out for when starting your dream life abroad.

You can also read the full story (or watch the video) on how and why we ended up living in rural Spain on an olive and almond farm, and what (I think) it takes to set up a successful alternative lifestyle.

If you’re thinking of making the big move, you also might want to check out my guide on the 7 things to do before relocating off the grid or this post on how to find the perfect property to live off-grid. And for even more tips, inspiration and advice on off-grid living, why not head on over for a look at our resources page.




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Hi, I'm Sandrine!

I live off-grid on an olive and almond farm in Spain, with alpacas and chickens and dogs and all the things. We've got solar panels and water from a borehole, we aim to grow our own food and be more self-sufficient, and we also try to make more time for what's really important in life... Come and join the sunny simple living movement!

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