Summer Natural Health and Beauty Experiments to Feel Great Inside and Out

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Summer is a great time to experiment with new home remedies for health and beauty! Many of the herbs and plants that are used are in full growth and ready to harvest. Plus, there’s a lot more time in the day to try new things.

Take some time out of your busy day for yourself and try these experiments at home! These are simple things that you can do at home to give yourself a little self-care this summer.

A Simple Recipe for Aloe and Rose Skin Soothing Gel

During the summer, we find ourselves outside quite a bit more than usual. This comes with its own set of problems. Sunburns, bug bites, and even rashes can occur without warning. This cooling aloe and rose gel can be used to help with all of these things! It’s a very simple recipe and can also be used in other items for the skin.

Find the recipe for this soothing gel on the Nerdy Farmwife website!

Calendula Salve – the Magic Salve for Everything

Calendula is not just a pretty flower, it’s another amazing herb with multiple uses! It is known to be anti-inflammatory and can be used both internally and externally.

This salve is great for so many things. It can be used for dry, cracked cuticles, acne, skin irritation and so much more. It’s a very simple salve to use any time, but especially during the summer when working outside.

Find the recipe at Homestead and Chill

Protect Your Skin With Natural Sunscreen

Summertime brings us all out into the sun. With prolonged sun exposure comes the worry of exposing our skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

This article talks about choosing the right base and active ingredients to make a sunscreen that nourishes and protects your skin. It’s a cool way to make sure you have sun protection in a pinch!

Head over to Simply Beyond Herbs to learn how to make your own sunscreen.

Kick the Chemicals With This Natural Deodorant

Since we are spending more time outside in the summer, having a good deodorant is a nice thing to have on hand. But, store-bought deodorants can be full of things such as aluminum, which isn’t so great for our bodies.

This lavender and sage deodorant is a great alternative to the ones you can buy in the store. It’s also cheaper to make than buying one of the fancy natural deodorants that are all over the internet.

Learn how to make yours by going to Forage Cook Ferment.

Treat Your Feet With a Soothing Foot Scrub

Getting outside in the summer can mean being on your feet for a good part of the day. At the end of the day, our feet can feel like they need a little pampering.

This Rosemary and peppermint foot scrub recipe will be the perfect end-of-day foot-soothing scrub. Since it’s a sugar scrub it will also leave your feet super soft as well!

Get the recipe at Homestead Mama.

Refresh Yourself With a Cooling Body Spray

It can get so hot during the summer months! What better way to cool off than to mist yourself with a cooling body spray?

This cooling body spray uses mint and eucalyptus essential oils for a fresh and cooling pick-me-up on those hot summer days. As a bonus, it can repel mosquitos and other insects while you’re outside.

Take some time to cool off and get the recipe at Self Sufficient Home Acre.

Stay Hydrated With Your Own Natural Energy Drink

We all get a bit thirsty when working or playing outside during the summer. But, reaching for a store-bought sports drink can have you filling yourself with artificial dyes, flavors, and chemicals. Who wants that?

This all-natural sports drink is super easy to make and will keep you hydrated whether you’re working hard or playing hard this summer.

Find the recipe at The Self-Sufficient Home Acre.

Don’t Forget Yourself

I love summer – it might get hot at times, but life seems to slow down a bit and people seem to enjoy life more.

When you’re aiming to be more self-sufficient though, it can be a busy time of year and there is plenty that needs attending to. Depending on what you’ve got, there are crops to harvest, plants to prune, weeds to pull, goats to milk, grass to mow, a house to cool, plus animals still need cleaning and feeding and everything needs to be given extra water!


This does not mean however that we should forget about ourselves. It is important that our health and wellness is also included on that long list of things to do.

Note: With all DIY items, make sure you patch-test things you put on your skin before you go all in, especially if you have sensitivities or allergies.

Which one of these DIY experiments are you going to try this summer?


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