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Note: this post was written in 2016, when I just started this blog. Although I occasionally go through old blog posts and update them, I decided to leave this one as is – it marked the beginning of an amazing adventure and it’s nice to look back at how it all started!

Actually, this is where two separate adventures will find their origin…

First, of course, there’s my new blog. I’ve been blogging on Mas del Encanto for a few years now – since a bit before we moved to Spain. It was (and still is) a lot of fun, and mainly contains updates written for friends and family members left back at home. However, I feel I have much more in me; in this blog, I will be exploring permaculture, animal husbandry, cooking and baking, practical tips for living off the grid or starting a new life abroad and much more. The Mas del Encanto blog will not be left to die though – it is still the place for personal updates and stories.

The other adventure is that of “Simple Living Holidays”. Inspired by monthly meetings we’ve had with a group of friends for the past year, I got the idea for Simple Living Holidays in September 2016. The seeds had been there for quite a while, but it was Gina at Masia Katmandu who offered the accommodation for this project (our B&B only has 3 rooms) and gave me the opportunity to work out a plan. In the last few months, I’ve been talking to each of the team members individually; talking about the details and content of the workshops, tours, and classes – and about pricing and timing, and other practical aspects. I will be setting up the programs, handling administration, and keeping track of finances, while Gina and Cesar, Kristin and Sigfredo, Mellissa and Dan, and Rekha and Katrien will be hosts, teachers, heart and soul of this new venture.

To start with, I’m posting a few of my older blog posts on this website – because they deserve an update, a bigger audience or just because I think they really belong here. I surely hope you will enjoy them – again if it’s not the first time you’re reading them.

I will leave you with a question, dear readers. What would you like to read on this new blog? Is there anything you’d like to know more about – something I’ve been doing and you’ve been curious about, or something I could research and share newfound information on? Please comment below, that would be a tremendous help!


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